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About Judy

Judy brings a seasoned perspective to real estate that translates to successfully serving buyers and sellers on the San Francisco mid-Peninsula. She has a unique blend of skills, knowledge, professional relationships, and experiences that sets her apart in the industry. As a resident of Menlo Park, California for over 30 years, she is consistently ranked as one of the top real estate agents in the entire nation. She was drawn to the creative aspects of teaching, and as a personal curiosity and passion, she explored further. With her signature creative and entrepreneurial spirit she found herself designing, building, buying, and selling homes in the Bay Area since 1995. Familiar with all levels of building and design – from engineering to finished interiors – she has a well-deserved reputation in real estate. Judy’s high-quality network includes potential home buyers and sellers as well as carefully chosen financial, legal, marketing, logistical and other specialties. She has an unparalleled ability to vision, create, and expedite real estate ideas and transactions. Judy is known for her uncompromising dedication, passion, acute attention to detail, and strong negotiating skills.

Judy has successfully represented both buyers and sellers with “on-market” listings and “off-market” properties. With a background in teaching, Judy provides data-driven analytics and research on each home, market projections and neighborhood evaluations. She understands clients’ needs and objectives and helps them realize stress-free transactions while optimizing their financial, emotional and practical goals. She is warm, energetic, creative, and a good listener with the ability and patience to be strong, persistent, and flexible. She is a “can-do” woman. Living, teaching and working, and having raised 4 children on the Peninsula, she knows the region’s school districts, neighborhoods, and amenities; as well, she brings a dynamic understanding and seasoned perspective of the prices and market conditions of the mid-Peninsula to her clients.

Honest, professional relationships are hallmarks of your experience with Judy. The high-quality network that she has fostered extends beyond the Bay Area to an international audience of potential home buyers and sellers through the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. She is consistently ranked in the top .001% of all agents nationwide.

Her personal network, combined with market tenure and brand identity, gives her clients a distinct advantage when buying or selling a home. She combines cutting edge technology, market insight, and relationships to create an unparalleled platform to collaborate, lead the industry, and offer the best in service and product to her clients.

Judy’s relationships open doors for her clients anywhere.