An Invaluable Guide

This is a long overdue review for our miracle worker, Judy Citron. She was truly amazing as a buyer’s agent in getting us into our house in Palo Alto, and she and Talia were exceptional in helping us sell that house years later. During the buying process, we found that Judy’s intuition was astoundingly spot on. As buyers, we had been keeping an eye on the market and had our own predictions on certain properties how quickly they’d sell, the final price. 

Judy would assert that house X would sell for $Y in Z days, and many times I would think, “No way, that’s way off” and each time Judy’s guess was right on the mark. In buying our house in Palo Alto, we had to jump through a bunch of extra hoops as it was sold under conservatorship and Judy was an invaluable guide in navigating the sometimes twisted path. 

We were very happy we got that house and I cannot tell you the handsprings Judy performed to get us in there. No really, she made me promise not to say. In selling that house a few years later, Judy and Talia again gave us critical guidance both in preparing the house for sale making strategic calls on scheduling, staging, offer navigation and also in dealing with a surprise softening of the market. 

And in the end, we found an awesome family as buyers and we’re all very happy with the outcome. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Judy and Talia, and we’d recommend them without reservation, both as buyer and seller agents.