Best Agent in the Industry

Judy is the best agent in the industry, and her awards and recognition are very well deserved. We first spoke with Judy in October, and a little more than a month later, we closed on a spectacular house. During the process of buying our new home, we also met her team: Talia and Dawn, who were equally pleasant to work with.

When I first met Judy, she took her time to understand our family needs and what we were looking for in our new home.

Through her extensive network across the Bay Area, Judy knew of an off-market house that matched our wishes perfectly.    

Judy set up a couple of tours, which were very well planned, including an itinerary and information on each house we saw. Judy was extremely communicative and available throughout the entire process. She provided a ton of information and was sure to reiterate that we were the final decision-maker throughout the process. Judy helped us negotiate a price that both the seller and we were comfortable with. We felt that Judy was very transparent and fair throughout the negotiation process.

We couldn’t be happier with our new home, and our family will always be extremely thankful to Judy for being a key part of this next chapter in our lives. If you are in the market for a new home, I would highly (highly!) recommend, Judy and the team at Citron! Thank you, Judy, Talia and Dawn!