She Knows What She is Talking About

If you are looking for Menlo Park/Palo Alto agent, there is no one better you can find. We interviewed several agents before we met Judy, somewhat by accident as she replied to our request to see one of her properties from Zillow. From the very first meeting we knew Judy is the person we can work with, she knows what she is talking about, always data based in her judgement, has great intuition and gives straight answers.

Judy helped us find the one and only home for our family and win that home. But before that she showed and discussed with us dozens of homes, always taking time to research properties and educate us not only on a particular home, but also on peculiarities of any neighborhood, schools, likely future developments in the area, etc. More than once Judy called it when we were about to give up and settle on suboptimal home for us, and despite it being against her interest she made sure we wouldn’t settle until we find the home that is truly right for us.

Last but not least, Judy was critical help for us in figuring out our bidding strategy: market research, knowing local agents, amazing intuition and just pure work ethics, including working late and weekends if needed to put together a last minute bid. We would definitely work with Judy again in future and highly recommend to anyone looking for a house, especially in Menlo Park/Palo Alto area.