Clients Come First

I have recently worked with a real estate agent in Menlo Park who is head-and-shoulders above any other real estate agent I know. She referred a client to me to assist with a move, and I got a chance to watch her closely as she managed the entire real estate transaction with grace and skill.

This was a very difficult client, from another culture, very elderly, very angry and depressed and hard to deal with on many different levels. Judy Citron went so far beyond the call of duty I was astonished.

Even after she sold the client’s condominium, she continued to help her in so many ways taking her to purchase electronics, helping her with phone calls and paperwork, driving her to various appointments, giving her moral support, always with patience, kindness, and generosity. I’ve really never seen anything like it.  

And I’ve watched a lot of real estate professionals closely, as I often am engaged to assist in homes that are about to sell or have sold recently. Judy is also a consummate professional when it comes to assessing value, marketing homes, assisting in obtaining the very best deal for the client, and easing the sometimes onerous process involved with buying and selling real estate.  

She knows the market very well from San Francisco to San Jose, is a real go getter, very efficient, and very calm under pressure. I have seen her on several occasions when the going got rough use her very clever mind to figure out a solution and carry it off with grace and aplomb. 

She is always available, she seems to answer her phone 24/7, and emails are answered quite promptly as well. But most important, this is an ethical woman with very strong principles; her credo is that her clients come first, and she will do whatever is needed to assist her clients. One doesn’t see this level of customer service very often anymore. I cannot recommend Judy highly enough. She is fabulous.