Positive Can-Do Attitude

My wife and I interviewed several realtors before finally selecting Judy to represent us on the recent sale of our home. From our first meeting with Judy, we could tell she was well organized, thoughtful, extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the local markets and that she would be proactive in helping us get ready to sell our house, and candid about what we could expect in the process.  

With Judy we knew we had a partner in the process, one with whom we thought we had the best chance to maximize the price on the sale of our home. Both Judy and her partner Talia put so much time and effort into the prep work necessary to help make our house shine, both online and at open houses, that we knew going into the sale process that we could not have been better prepared.  

Judy was personally at each of the open houses, which was a critical element to determining who were truly the most interested potential bidders and how best to appeal each of them. She followed up relentlessly with potentially interested parties, keeping her finger on the pulse of the sale process from start to finish. 

We came to greatly appreciate the candid feedback we received throughout the process as well as the general positive can-do attitude that exemplifies Judy’s approach to her role. In this market, it’s easy to talk about houses getting multiple offers, but running the sales process to ensure that you get the right multiple offers which is not ever a given requires a special skill set, someone who is both a good listener to and observer of other people as well as someone who can convey the proper sense of urgency to get people lined up when the time comes for bids. 

Judy was truly the best I have seen at this, and it resulted in us selling our home for far in excess of our expectations. We put our most valuable asset into Judy’s hands and she delivered, plain and simple. As Judy knows, we would be more than willing to speak with anyone interested in retaining her, so feel free to ask to speak with us if you want more details. We could not recommend Team Citron more highly.