Best Real Estate Team in the Area

Judy and Talia are the best real estate team in the area they helped us both sell our home and buy a new one in Menlo Park. What sets Judy and Talia apart are their honesty, integrity, patience and willingness to go above-and-beyond for their clients. They treated us like family and stuck with us for years until we found the perfect home.

When places would come up during our search, rather than rush us into making a decision, they helped us weigh the pros and cons, just like a family member who really had our best interest at heart. Judy is very well-known and respected by other agents in the field and that proved invaluable in our transactions. She also has a lot of experience with construction and remodeling, which helped us quickly evaluate whether properties were right for us. I’d strongly recommend them — without a single reservation — to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home in Menlo Park.