Affable, Experienced, and Credible

When we sold the house, we interviewed 3 brokers and finally chose Judy Citron. She is affable, experienced, and credible. After confirming the cooperation, Judy Citron has always dominated the transaction process and maintained a smooth communication with us, and we don’t have to worry too much about it, and enjoy the comprehensive services provided by her and her team.

During the preparation phase of the sale, Judy Citron made a good suggestion for us and made some necessary renovations to the house. She found a reasonable price for the renovation team, and managed the entire project in a comprehensive manner, to ensure that the renovation was completed on time and the house was in good condition. After the listing of the house, Judy Citron keeps track of the market and potential buyers and helps us determine the trading strategy. She started from our interests, negotiated prices with buyers, made our house sell for a good price, and delivered it in less than 20 days.

The process of Judy Citron helping us sell the house is peace of mind and joy. I hope there will be opportunities to cooperate with her in the future.